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Meet The
Red-Lined Team

Our squad comprises of semi-professional and amateur athletes, young and old, male and female competitors. Our teams compete in the T1+ and T1 championships with our rally raid supercars.


Team: 208
Drivers: Chris Visser & Albertus Venter
Race Car: REVO T1+ GT-R
Sponsor: Red-Lined

Team: 222
Drivers: Dave Klaassen & Tessa Rooth
Race Car:  REVO T1+ GT-R
Sponsor: Daklapack Rallysport

Team: 223
Drivers: Rients Hofstra & Wade Harris
Race Car:  REVO T1+ GT-R
Sponsor: Red-Lined


Team: 224
Drivers: Pim Klaassen & Wade Harris
Race Car: VK50
Sponsor: Daklapack Rallysport


Team: 229
Drivers: Aliyyah Koloc & Wade Harris
Race Car: REVO T1+
Sponsor: Buggyra Racing


Team: 333
Drivers: Philip Botha & Roelof Janse van Vuren
Race Car: VK56
Sponsor: Penta Motor Group